Music From Catfish: Season 5, Episode 19

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Caveman


Caveman – “Never Going Back”
Max and Nev read Luis’ email about his online relationship with Sydney.

Parlour Tricks – “Gone”
Max and Nev fly to New York to meet Luis.

Run River North – “Can’t Come Down”
Max, Nev, and Luis fly to Dallas, Texas to meet Sydney.

Cold Showers – “Only Human”
Max, Nev, and Luis walk away after meeting the true Catfish for the first time.

Lewis Del Mar – “Memories”
Nev, Max, and Lewis drive to re-meet the Catfish.

Alex Vargas – “Oh Love, How You Break Me Up”
Luis, Max, and Nev drive away after resolving the situation with Nae.


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