Music From Catfish: Season 4, Episode 9

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Halsey


Laleh – “Boom”
Nev and Max read Blaire’s email about her relationship with Markie

Beach Day – “I’m Just Messin’ Around”
Nev and Max travel to Texas to meet Blaire

Rebecca Clements – “Love Child”
Nev and Max drive over to meet back up with Blaire after they finish up investigating Markie

Piers – “Another Round For My Friends”
Blaire reacts to the information Nev and Max found about Markie

Halsey – “Trouble – Stripped”
Nev, Max and Blaire travel to California to meet Markie

Charlotte OC – “Strange”
Blaire leaves Markie a voicemail after they go to her house and she isn’t there

Glass Animals – “Psylla”
Nev, Max, Blaire and Markie leave after meeting for the first time

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