Music From Catfish: Season 4, Episode 5

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Halsey


Magic Man – “It All Starts Here”
Nev explains why Max isn’t hosting

She Keeps Bees – “Breezy”
Nev reads Chitara’s email about her relationship with Priscilla

Magic Man – “Catherine”
Nev and Alex travel to North Carolina to meet Chitara for the first time

Halsey – “Is There Somewhere”
Chitara shows Nev and Alex her photos and texts from Priscilla and talks about their relationship

Lowing – “I Will Wait For You”
Nev goes into Alex’s hotel room so they can call Chitara

Street Joy – “Wandering in Your Mind”
Nev and Alex go to meet Chitara and her friends to go go-karting

Ethel and the Chordtones Ft. Ryan Levine – “Trouble”
Nev, Alex, Chitara and her friends race go-karts together

Rocco Deluca – “Feather And A Knife”
Nev, Alex and Chitara talk about what to do next after they discuss what they found out about Priscilla

S – “Remember Love”
Nev, Alex and Chitara drive to Priscilla’s house to meet her for the first time

Blood Warrior – “Blood Letting”
Nev, Alex and Chitara leave Priscilla’s (Ashanti’s) house after meeting her for the first time

Kevin Morby – “Parade”
Nev, Alex and Chitara say goodbye to Priscilla (Ashanti) after meeting her for the second time

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