Music From Catfish: Season 4, Episode 3

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Charlotte OC

char oc

Magic Man – “It All Starts Here”
Nev explains why Max isn’t hosting

Angel Haze ft. Sia – “Battle Cry”
Nev introduces Angel Haze as the guest host

Daniel Wilson – “Killed Ya”
Nev and Angel Haze read Harold’s email about his relationship with Armani

Kid Astray – “Back to the Ordinary”
Nev and Angel Haze travel to Illinois to meet Harold for the first time

Old Man Canyon – “Phantoms and Friends”
Nev and Angel talk to Harold about Armani after they show him what they were able to find in their research

Empathy Test – “Here is the Place”
Nev, Angel and Harold drive to meet Armani for the first time

Charlotte OC – “Colour My Heart”
Harold goes to play basketball after meeting Armani for the first time

OneGirlOneBoy – “This One Boy”
Harold and Armani talk for a second time before saying goodbye

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