Music From Catfish: Season 4, Episode 2

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Perfume Genius


Magic Man – “It All Starts Here”
Nev explains why Max isn’t hosting

Low Hums – “Black Rabbit”
Nev and Cassidy read email from casting about Isaak and Courtney

The Electric Hearts – “The Key”
Nev travels to Atlanta to meet up with Cassidy and Courtney

The Non-Coms – “Say”
Nev and Cassidy head to a coffee shop to talk

Jordan Galland – “In The Shadow of the Pyramids”
Nev and Cassidy meet up with Courtney and her mom at an ice skating rink

Perfume Genius – “Grid”
Nev, Cassidy, & Courtney drive to meet Isaak for the first time

Caroline – “Balloon”
Nev, Cassidy, & Courtney walk up to Isaak for the first time

Maps – “Adjusted to the Darkness”
Nev, Cassidy, & Courtney drive off after meeting Isaak

Super Lonely – “Someone Takes Notice”
Nev and Cassidy say goodbye to Isaak

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