Music From Catfish: Season 4, Episode 18

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: COIN


Born Cages – “I Just Want the Truth, Baby”
Nev and Todrick read Devan’s email about his relationship with Rylan

Human Human – “Youth”
Nev and Todrick travel to Texas to meet Devan

Springtime Carnivore – “Other Side of the Boundary”
Devan tells Nev and Todrick about his relationship with Rylan

Man & Ghost – “Chameleon”
Devan continues to tell Nev and Todrick about his relationship with Rylan

Def Conz – “Wiggle It”
Nev and Todrick goof off before beginning their investigation of Rylan

Matthew Fowler – “Smoke”
Devan contemplates whether or not he wants to meet Rylan after Nev and Todrick share the information they found about her with him

Neulore – “Shadow Of A Man”
Nev, Todrick and Devan travel to Austin to meet Rylan

Ivan & Alyosha – “Everything Is Burning”
Devan skypes with the person he thinks he has been in a relationship with

Anders Parker – “Unspoken”
Nev, Todrick and Devan leave Michelle’s house after meeting her for the first time

COIN – “Better”
Nev, Todrick and Devan go to meet Michelle for a second time

Ella Henderson – “Empire”
Nev, Todrick and Devan say goodbye to Michelle after talking with her for a second time

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