Music From Catfish: Season 4, Episode 10

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Sylvan Esso

sylvan esso

Sylvan Esso – “H.S.K.T.”
Nev and Max read the email about Steven’s relationship with Samm

Grizfolk – “Waiting For You”
Nev and Max travel to Fort Worth to meet Steven and his Mom

Madi Diaz – “Ashes”
Steven tells Nev and Max about his depression and how Samm helped him through it

Austin Plaine – “Beautiful”
Nev informs Steven that Samm has agreed to meet him and that they will all be travelling to meet her

DMA’s – “Delete”
Nev, Max, Steven and Aurora fly to California to meet Samm

Clementine & The Galaxy – “Tourist”
Samm comes out of her door and meets Steven for the first time

Perfume Genius – “I Decline”
Samm tells Steven she is not sure if she has romantic feelings for him and may just want to be friends

Japanese Wallpaper ft. Wafia – “Breathe In”
Steven tells Nev and Max how Samm told him she just wants to be friends

Adam Faucett – “Living On The Moon”
Nev, Max and Steven leave after talking to Samm

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