Music From Catfish: Season 4, Episode 11

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Halsey


Jillian Edwards – “Apologies”
Nev and Max read Tiana’s email about her relationship with James

Tanlines – “Slipping Away”
Nev and Max travel to meet Tiana for the first time

Halsey – “Ghost (stripped)”
Tiana reacts to the information Nev and Max researched about James

Joseph – “Cloudline”
Nev, Max, Tiana and her friend drive over to meet James for the first time

Good Girl and The Bad Times – “Not Even the Moon”
Nev, Max, Tiana and her friend leave after meeting Trez for the first time

Kevin Morby – “Drowning”
Nev, Max and Tiana travel to meet Trez again the next day

Odessa – “I Will Be There”
Tiana and Trez finish chatting then say goodbye to each other

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