Music From Catfish: *Season 3 Finale*

Catfish: The TV Show 
Featured Artist: BROODS


We hope you’ve enjoyed the BROODS as this season’s featured artist in Catfish! Listen for their latest single “Mother and Father” in tonight’s episode and keep an eye out for their debut album, Evergreen, which comes out this fall!

Frankie Rose – “You For Me”
Nev and Max read Bianca’s email about her online relationship with Brogan

Claire – “Broken Promise Land”
Nev and Max fly to North Carolina to meet with Bianca and also meet up with Selita Ebanks to come along on the case

Milky Chance Flashed Junk Mind”
Nev, Max and Selita drive to Bianca’s house

Shanee Pink – “Man to Man”
Nev, Max and Selita go to do research on Brogan

Alice Boman – “Burns”
Nev, Max and Selita give Bianca the results of their research

BROODS – “Mother & Father”
Nev, Max, Selita and Bianca fly to Indiana to meet Brogan

Gems – “Sinking Stone”
Nev, Max Selita and Bianca leave after meeting Brogan (Tia) for the first time

Scars on 45 – “Read In Between the Lines”
Nev, Max and Selita meet with Tia alone and drive her to Bianca

Johnnyswim – “Over”
Bianca and Tia sit down and talk alone about their relationship

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