Music From Catfish: Season 3, Episode 9

Catfish: The TV Show 
Featured Artist: BROODS


MTV has an exclusive premiere of a new track from this season’s Featured Artist BROODS! Their debut, full-length album ‘Evergreen’ will be out this fall, but you can hear “L.A.F” here, first!

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Johnnyswim – “You and I”
Nev and Max read Jeff’s email about his online relationship with Megan

Kish Bashi – “Carry On Phenomenon”
Nev and Max fly to Jacksonville to meet Jeff

Little May – “Hide”
Nev and Max leave Jeff’s and discuss his situation in the car

Amos the Transparent – “Coming Home”
Nev and Max go to Jeff’s and tell him the results of their research on Megan

Luella and the Sun – “Fly So Free”
Max leaves Nev and Jeff to fly to Dallas in order to get Megan and bring her back to Florida

BROODS – “Bridges”
Max and Brandy (Megan) fly to Florida to meet Jeff

Bootstraps – “Revel”
Jeff meets Brandy for the first time and she explains her reasons for the fake profile and make plans to meet again

The Head and the Heart – “Another Story”
Brandy goes back to Jeff’s and talk alone


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