Music From Catfish: Season 3, Episode 8

Catfish: The TV Show 
Featured Artist: BROODS


MoZella – “I’m In Love Again”
Nev and Max read Miranda’s email about her relationship with Cameryn

De Lux – “Make Space”
Nev and Max drive to Miranda’s town in Minnesota

Anderson East ft. Jill Andrews – “Say Anything”
Nev, Max and Miranda look at all the previous online correspondence she had with Cameryn

BROODS – “Taking You There”
Nev, Max and Miranda fly to Atlanta to meet with James (Cameryn)

Frances Cone – “Heartland “
Nev, Max and Miranda talk things through after Skype-ing with Gabby (James/Cameryn)

Angel Olsen – “Enemy”
Miranda wants some time by herself after Gabby says she can’t meet up in person


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