Music From Catfish: Season 3, Episode 7

Catfish: The TV Show 
Featured Artist: Milky Chance

Milky Chance

Falls – “Hey”
Nev and Max read Solana’s email about her relationship with Elijah

The Preatures – “Better Than It Ever Could Be”
Nev and Max travel to Delaware to see Solana

Inspired and the Sleep – “Spar Helm”
Nev and Max talk to Solana about their research findings on Elijah

Dawn Golden – “All I Want”
Nev, Max and Solana go to the airport to fly to Minneapolis to meet Elijah

Verskotzi – “Diamond Ring”
Solana talks to Nev and Max about meeting Elijah for the first time

The Majority Says – “Silly Ghost”
Nev, Max and Solana go to spend time with Elijah at an indoor skatepark

Alice Boman – “Lead Me”
Solana leaves the skate park and talks on camera about how she doesn’t know where to take her relationship with Elijah

Milky Chance –“Loveland”
Solana and Elijah have one last moment together before she goes back to Delaware


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