Music From Catfish: Season 3, Bonus Episode

Catfish: The TV Show 
Featured Artist: The Royal Concept


All Smiles – “Fall Never Fell”
Nev and Max are reading Blake’s initial email about having trouble meeting Kiersten

General Ghost – “The Way We Are”
Nev continues reading Blake’s email about how he and Kiersten exchanged numbers after she contacted him on Twitter

The Royal Concept – “On Our Way”
Nev and Max travel to Houston to meet with Blake

All Smiles – “So Popular”
Nev talks about his foot injury and then him and Max drive to Blake’s house

Torres – “Chains”
Nev and Max go back to Blake and tell him what they’ve discovered about Kendra

Bear’s Den – “When You Break”
Nev, Max and Blake go to the airport and fly to Idaho tosee who Kendra actually is

Wake Owl – “Wild Country”
Nev and Max go to Blake’s room after meeting with Kendra and he says he feels that he just got Catfished again in person

Gin Wigmore – “If Only”
Blake and Kendra have final words, hug and she leaves


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