Music from Catfish Season 2 Episode 8

Custom Name NoCeremony 2030

Featured Artist: NO CEREMONY///

Catfish: The TV Show – Airdate: August 20, 2013

Vassals – Tambourines

Cloud Cult – Love You All

Cloud Cult – Wiggle Shakes


Sophie Park – The Two of Us

(scene: Nev and Max read an email from Jesse asking for help meeting Brian)

Vassals – Informers

(scene: Jesse is telling Nev and Max via videochat her history with Brian and how he stood her up during their first meeting because he go into trouble)

Ian Love – Step Inside

(scene: Jesse is explaining how she was stood up by Brian and his excuse was that he got into some sort of trouble)

Matt Pond – Hole In My Heart

(scene: Jesse tells Nev and Max that Brian recently asked her to move to Alabama and they agree to go see her in Pennsylvania)

This Many Boyfriends – Young Lovers Go Pop!

(scene: Travel Montage of Nev and Max going to Pennsylvania to meet with Jesse)

Ian Love – Shutter

(scene: Jesse tells Nev and Max that although Brian has hurt her in the past  he now seems very serious about their relationship and wants answers)

Phoenix – Don’t

(scene: Nev and Max are in the car recapping what they just learned from Jesse about her and Brian’s relationship and are about to start their investigation)

Von Grey – Shane

(scene: After getting off the phone with Brian, Nev tells Jesse that Brian wants to see Jesse in Alabama and they will leave the next day)

Canto – Desert

(scene: Nev and Max and Jesse meet and talk with Jesse’s mom for a bit and then leave for the airport)

NO CEREMONY/// – Heavyhour

(scene: Nev and Max drive with Jesse to the airport to Alabama)

All Smiles – Sliver Taster

(scene: Nev and Max go pick up Jesse at her hotel room before going to meet Briand)

Quiet Arrows – Consequence of Calculation

(scene: Nev knocks on Brian’s door and him and Jesse meet for the first time in person and hug)

The House on Monterey – Again

(scene: Nev, Max, Jesse and Brian all sit and talk about his arrest while on his way to see Jesse and his PTSD)

The Lost Twenties – Where My Love Lies

(scene: Jesse and Brian spend some time alone together)

Ocha La Rocha – Country Diddy

(scene: Jesse meets Brian’s family at a barbeque)

rayLand baxter – The Mtn Song

(scene: Jesse, Brian, Max, Nev and Brian’s family hang out by the lake together)

Adam Faucett – The Way You See It

(scene: Brian’s family wants Jesse to come back and visit again and Brian gives his thanks to Max and Nev for making this happen)

Big Little Lions – This Road With You

(scene: Jesse and Brian kiss and say their goodbyes)

Automatic Empire – Charming the Flames

(scene: Max and Nev video chat with Jesse and they conference in Brian and Jesse to iron out some kinks about relocation)

Hearts and Daggers – The Letter Writer

(scene: Jesse agrees to go to Alabama to see Brian for a longer period of time)

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