Music from Catfish Season 2 Episode 13

Rue Royale catfish mtv

Featured Artist: Rue Royale 

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David Thomas Jones “Our Lives” – Free Download (right click to save)


Catfish: The TV Show – Airdate: October 1, 2013

Vassals – Tambourines

Cloud Cult – Love You All

Cloud Cult – Wiggle Shakes


Moon Taxi – Young Journey

(scene: Nev and Max read email from Derek about his online relationship with Kristen)

Feral Hymns – Transparent

(scene: Nev continues reading Derek’s email about his bad luck with women in the past)

Quiet Arrows – You Are My Planet

(scene: Nev and Max call Derek and get more info about his relationship with Kristen)

David Thomas Jones – Our Lives

(scene: Nev and Max fly to Detroit to see Derek)

I Like Trains – Mnemosyne

(scene: Nev and Max talk to one of Kristen’s Facebook friends on the phone to get more information on her)

Jack and the Bear – Riddles In the Dark

(scene: Nev and Max tell Derek the results of their investigation and call with Kristen asking for a visit)

Rue Royale – Shouldn’t Have Closed My Eyes

(scene: Nev, Max and Derek drive to meet Kristen)

Meg Myers – Monster

(scene: Nev, Max and Derek leave Kristen’s so Derek can take some time to process his situation)

Blue Boats – Fresh Sky

(scene: Nev and Max drive to Derek’s house to pick him up and bring him back to Kristen’s)

Kathleen Smith – Sweet Tune

(scene: Derek and Kristen take a walk and talk alone)

Quiet Arrows – Continents Were Made To Sink

(scene: Nev and Max talk to Derek and Kristen about their relationship now)

Sydney Wayser – One Of These Days

(scene: Derek leaves with Nev and Max)

Hearts and Daggers – Barely Holding On

(scene: Nev and Max videochat with Derek 1 month later)

Nadia Fay – Honeycomb

(scene: Nev and Max videochat with Kristen 1 month later)

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