Music from Catfish Season 2 Episode 10

Alice Lake

Featured Artist: Alice and The Glass Lake

Catfish: The TV Show – Airdate: September 3, 2013

Vassals – Tambourines

Cloud Cult – Love You All

Cloud Cult – Wiggle Shakes


Kyle Andrews – The Way To Wonder

(scene: Nev and Max read Ashley’s email about her online relationship with Mike who she met 7 years ago in a chat room)

Whistle Peak – In A Boat On A Lake

(scene: Nev and Max contact Ashley via video chat about Mike and she says that she wants to come clean but needs help because she can’t do it alone)

Sh*t Robot – Feels Real

(scene: Travel montage of Nev and Max flying to Georgia to see Ashley)

All Smiles – So Proper

(scene: Nev and Max drive to and arrive at Ashley’s house)

Imaginary Friend – I Knew This Would Be Love

(scene: Nev and Max go back to Ashley’s house to report their findings/convo with Mike.  Ashley says she wants to meet him and Nev says that its time)

The Eastern Sea – Santa Rosa

(scene: Travel montage of Nev, Max and Ashley flying from Georgia to New Jersey)

Alice and The Glass Lake – Coming Down

(scene: Nev, Max and Ashley have a night out on the town in NYC before seeing Mike in NJ)

Betty Who – Right Here

(scene: Nev and Max drive Ashley to Mike’s house to meet)

Birds of Tokyo – Lanterns

(scene: Ashley and Mike finally meet after 7 years)

Dinner and A Suit – Enough

(scene: Mike talks to Ashley about why he avoided sending pics for so long and then sent the fake ones to Ashley)

Belle Mare – All This Time

(scene: Nev and Mike talk about how he is excited and wants to see where this goes; Max and Ashley talk about how she is a bit disappointed with the real Mike)

No Ceremony/// – Feel So Low

(scene: Nev, Max and Ashley leave Mike’s house and talk in the car about how she is not attracted to Mike)

Fort Atlantic – My Love Is With You

(scene: Ashley and Mike hug and Ashley leaves to go back to Georgia to work on liking herself)

Vic and Gab – Love of Mine

(scene: Nev and Max video chat Ashley and she says she is going to NJ to see Mike in a few weeks to give him a chance)

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