Music from Buckwild Episode 9

 Featured Artist: Black Pistol Fire follow: @BlackPistolFire

BUCKWILD – Airdate: January 31, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens  – Teenage Vamps

(Theme Song)

Black Pistol Fire – Beelzebub

(scene: The Guys hang out while Shain buries his money)

Buck$  – Pot of Gold

(scene: The group packs for camping)

The 4onthefloor – Workin’ Man Zombie

(scene: The group leaves for  camping)

The Cadillac Black – The Sticks

(scene: The cast is camping)

Ollie Gabriel – We Poppin’

(scene: The cast still at the house throw a party)

The Beatards – This Is For The…

(scene: The cast still at the house throw a party)

Apple Horse – Filthy Halls

(scene: Back to camping, Shain wants to check Cara for ticks)

Ambassadors – Caged Animals

(scene: Katie says that Cara is always mean to Tyler / Anna and Tyler go to sleep in their tent, the girls mess with them)

Buss One – Paint it Red

(scene: Podbuster: Sissonville Slingshot)

Mikel Knight – Pack Yo Bags

(scene: Post camping)

Night Fevers – Say Oh

(scene: Tyler is happy with Katie, Cara is jealous)

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