Music from Buckwild Episode 7


 Featured Artist: Mikel Knight  

BUCKWILD – Airdate: January 24, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens  – Teenage Vamps

(Theme Song)

The Kicks – Hard to Believe

(scene: Transition to some of the cast eating in a diner/ They discuss riding bulls)

Falcon – My Surprise

(scene: Katie/Tyler/Cara ride horses)

The Wallburds – Hourglass

(scene: The girls try to fill up Shae’s water bed in the creek)

Gangstagrass – Shoot Dem (feat. T.O.N.E-z)

(scene: They try to pour water into the bed from the window)

Black Box Revelation – Madhouse

(scene: They discuss going to ride bulls)

KD – My Kentucky Home

(scene: Najee and the girls are hanging out / they arrive at the rodeo)

Mikel Knight – Saddle Up Shawty

(scene: B Roll of the rodeo)

Mikel Knight – Welcome 2 the Rodeo

(scene: They watch people riding the bulls)

Gangstagrass – Honey Babe (feat. Brandi Hart & Dolio the Sleuth)

(scene: The girls ask some cowboys for advise)

Heavy Young Heathens  – Bucking Wild

(scene: The cast all ride the bull)

Heavy Young Heathens  – Blown The Cone

(scene: The cast all ride the bull)

Jessta James – Stampede

(scene: They girls come out in their lingerie)

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