Music from Buckwild Episode 6

Featured Artist: Fly Union  | follow: @FlyUnion

BUCKWILD – Airdate: January 17, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens  – Teenage Vamps

(Theme Song)

We Cry Diamonds – If You Want Me

(scene: Shae is moving in with the girls)

Gangstagrass – Dollar Boss (feat. Dead Prez & Kamara Thomas)

(scene: Transition to the guys hanging out)

Steel Petals  – True To Me

(scene: The guys hang a sign for their lawn mowing business)

The Royalty – Bottle Breaker

(scene: Shae talks about how she doesn’t really have anything to her name)

Gangstagrass – Honey Babe (feat. Brandi Hart & Dolio the Sleuth)

(scene: They all go to shoot guns)

The High Decibels  – Get Juiced

(scene: Shae shoots the cans with the rifle)

The Shys – Call In The Cavalry

(scene: They shoot at cans and other food items)

The Cadillac Black – I’m Southern

(scene: The guys talk about Joey’s birthday)

Heavy Young Heathens – It’s A Good Life

(scene: It’s Joey’s birthday weekend

Jessta James – Wanted

(scene: The Girls head out to get tattoos / Cara gets her tat)

The Rockford Mules – Ma They Broke Me

(scene: Ashley gets her tattoo)

Southpaw Swagger – It Ain’t Over

(scene: Shae gets her lip tattooed)

Fly.Union – Friends Money Women

(scene: The guys are driving to their first lawn mowing gig)

Envy – Party Down

(scene: Joey and Tyler go to cut grass)

New Cassettes – Bite Your Lip

(scene: Transition into Joey’s birthday party)

Air Dubai – Restless Youth

(scene: Shae arrives and they all blow kazoos and talk)

Bottleneck – Country Boy Lean

(scene: They shoot the potato gun)

The Bonars – I Know You Want It

(scene: They’re still shooting the potato gun)

New Cassettes – I’m Not Faithful

(scene: The girls talk about bases / Setting up to lick the butter off)

Trackademicks – Happy Birfday To Me

(scene: The girls talk about bases / Setting up to lick the butter off)

Bottleneck – Southern Bred Bad Boy

(scene: Shae licks apple butter off Joey)

Aitan – All Over You

(scene: Shae and Joey ride off into the night on an ATV)

Black Box Revelation – White Unicorns

(scene: Shain tells joey to get up and go cut grass)

Apple Horse – Grandfather Clocks

(scene: Joey calls Shae)

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