Music from Buckwild Episode 3

 Featured Artist: Heavy Young Heathens

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Heavy Young Heathens  “Teenage Vamps” (Buckwild Theme Song)

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Safety Word Orange “Follow Suit” – Free Download (right click to save)

Just Kait “Gonna Rock” – Free Download (right click to save)

BUCKWILD – Airdate: January 10, 2013

 Heavy Young Heathens  – Teenage Vamps

(Theme Song)

The Five Tones – Coming Home

(scene: Intro to characters)

The Wildbirds  – 421

(scene: Intro to characters)

Black Pistol Fire – Hot Mess

(scene: Ashley and Anna recap the fight)

Safety Word Orange – Follow Suit

(scene: Cara in Morgantown)

All Mankind – This Is A Miracle

(scene: Anna and Ashley go to Jesse’s house to pick up Shae)

The Kicks – Turn It Out

(scene: The girls chat in the car)

Black Pistol Fire – Jackknife Darlin’

(scene: Transition to Shain’s holler)

Just Kait – Gonna Rock

(scene: They all ride down the slip n slide)

Hannibal Leq – I Go

(scene: Ashley tells Anna about Jesse)

The Five Tones – Alone

(scene: Transition to Shain’s holler, the guys dirt biking)

The Royalty – Please Lie

(scene: The girls talk about Shae and Jesse)

Kari Kimmel – Long as We’re Together

(scene: Shae and Jesse talk about their relationship)

Dry County – Cowboy Up

(scene: Transition to swim hole)

Buss One – Sinkin

(scene: Tyler thinks about jumping off the bridge)

AWOLNATION – Not Your Fault

(scene: Shae and Salwa get into a fight)

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