Music from Buckwild Episode 11

Featured Artist: Gangstagrass  follow: @Gangstagrass

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Heavy Young Heathens  “Teenage Vamps” (Buckwild Theme Song)

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BUCKWILD – Airdate: February  7, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens  – Teenage Vamps

(Theme Song)

Gangstagrass – Put Your Hands Up High (feat. T.O.N.E-z)

(scene: Katie and her mom arrive at the nail salon)

Army of Freshmen – Down At the Shore

(scene: Transition to Tyler/Katie/Ashley in the car)

The Five Tones – No More Crying

(scene: Transition to Mudding)

Mud Digger – Mud Slingers (feat. Colt Ford)

(scene: They go mudding)

My Politic – A Name For You and Me

(scene: Broll shots of the countryside, transition back to the house)

Cedar Hill Boyz – Down Home Thang

(scene: The boys prep the dirt track race)

The Rosettas – I Bring the Rock

(scene: The guys race down the hill)

Dinner and a Suit – Love Is Risky

(scene: Katie is getting ready for dinner with her mom and Tyler)

California Wives – Better Home

(scene: Katie’s mom like Tyler)

Judge Jackson – Drive

(scene: Shae wants to drive Joey’s truck)

The Vacations – Before You Change Your Mind

(scene: Transition to Shae and Joey driving)

Astoria Kings – This Love Is Magic

(scene: Shae and Joey flirt about driving the truck)

Night Fevers – Say Oh

(scene: Shae and joey are official and she gets to drive the truck)

Chelsea Automatic – A Feel In

(scene: Shae and joey are official and she gets to drive the truck)

Chuck Preston – Fired Up

(scene: Bonfire party)

The Skeptics – She’s Hot And She Knows It

(scene: Katie and Tyler hook up)

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