Music from Buckwild Episode 10

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Heavy Young Heathens  “Teenage Vamps” (Buckwild Theme Song)

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BUCKWILD – Airdate: January 31, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens  – Teenage Vamps

(Theme Song)

Ocha La Rocha – I Feel It Too

(scene: Shain talks to his mom)

Good Old War – Touch the Clouds (Taste the Ground)

(scene: The girls shop for the party)

The Midi Mafia – Can’t Wait

(scene: The guys arrive at the party)

Timeflies – Everything I Do

(scene: Party)

Ollie Gabriel – My Radar

(scene: Party)

Mikel Knight – Big City Country Boi

(scene: Shain asks Cara’s ex-gf about the status of their relationship)

Ninfa – Not Over

(scene: Shain watches Cara and her girlfriend make out)

Locksley – Down For Too Long

(scene: Act open Shain’s house)

Gangstagrass – Western (feat. Kool Keith)

(scene: Shain and his family make candy)

Good Old War – After The Party

(scene: Transition to the girls house: asking about the lesbian relationship)

Bosco Rogers – In The Middle

(scene: Transition to Svetki and Cara talking in bed)

The Royalty – Witchcraft

(scene: Cara isn’t into her ex-girlfriend anymore)

The Wildbirds  – Shake Shake

(scene: Waking up the Shain to sell candy)

Them Terribles – Rich Girls

(scene: They head out to sell candy)

Buck$ – Get Money (feat. Ric Atori, Truen & Bunz)

(scene: Shain makes money selling candy)

Doomtree – Little Mercy

(scene: Graveyard antics begin)

MaLLy & The Sundance Kid – Bounce feat. Truth Be Told

(scene: Graveyard antics)

Rich Hope – I See Trouble

(scene: They’re relieved to find out it was Shain’s mom)

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