Music From Big Tips Texas: Season 1 Finale

Big Tips Texas

Featured Artist: Camryn


Finale Part One: Episode 13

Kathryn Ostenberg  – “Feel Electrical”

Michelle Parish  – “Somebody’s Somebody”
City montage

Audra Mae – “Smokin the Boys”
Mimi tells Typhani her choice about the baby

Nik & Sam – “Talk Like That”
Chance and Morgan talk about practice for the rodeo barrell race

Charlotte Sabina – “Shut Up And Kiss Me”
Mimi and Colton are going to meet Mimi’s mom to break the news

Julia Michaels – “Getting Loud”
Transition scene

Charlotte Sabina – “Like a Rockstar”
Typhani and vetrans decide to have a girls’ day

Messy  – “I Won’t Give Up”
Girls arrive at Typhani’s

Finale Part Two: Episode 14

Kathryn Ostenberg  – “Feel Electrical”

Catnaps – “Kitten and Bear”
Montage / Sabrina meets her family at LA Burger

Michelle Hotaling – “Chained By Dreams”
Sabring gets emotional about her family situation

Audra Mae & The Almighty – “Smokin the Boys”
Morgan is ready for the rodeo

The Royal Concept – “27 Forever”
Amber meets up with Alex

Amy Hef – “Ignorant Pig”
Krysten is upset and confides in Trey

Camryn – “Move Your Body”
Morgan and Cheyenne run the barrell race


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