Music from Big Tips Texas, Episode 9

Big Tips Texas

Featured Artist: Kathryn Ostenberg

Kathryn Ostenberg

Kathryn OstenbergFeel Electrical
Theme Song

Georgia ThomasSouthern Gentlemen
Scene: Mercedes heads to Jillian’s house.

Sofi BondeIn The Shadows
Scene: Jillian confides to Mercedes that she found a lump in her breast.

Toy ConnorBad Boy
Scene: Typhani doesn’t drive the Mustang like a grandma.

Koriana: Mess Over Me
Scene: Mimi meets Typhani at the Redneck corporate office because Mimi missed the mandatory meeting.

Miss V: Flawless
Scene: Jillian and Mercedes head to the doctor’s office for Jillian’s mammogram.

Alyx: Party Like An Animal
Scene: Typhani and Mimi at the driving range; Sabrina and Amber show up.

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