Music from Big Tips Texas, Episode 8

Big Tips Texas

Featured Artist: Kathryn Ostenberg

Kathryn Ostenberg III

Kathryn Ostenberg: Feel Electrical
Theme Song

Cailann Lane: So Long
Opening scene; exterior shot of Dallas

The Mostly UpsIt’s Gonna Get Loud
Scene: A busy night at Redneck. Mimi needs help running drinks, and Krysten calls out for minnow shots.

Mink: Pressure Pressure
Scene: Krysten and Mimi argue at the bar.

Jacqui Sandell: Bang Bang Bang
Scene: Krysten and Morgan tend bar – they decide to make up a napkin folding dance.

Kari KimmelGet Me Back
Scene: After the girls finish trashing Mimi, they have some fun at the bar.

CuriousWe Are Shiny Stars
Scene: Plays at the pool party.

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