Music from Big Tips Texas: Episode 7

Big Tips Texas

Featured Artist: Kathryn Ostenberg

Kathryn Ostenberg

Kathryn OstenbergFeel Electrical
Theme song

ZZ WardMove Like U Stole It
Scene: Girls are working at Redneck; Morgan and the girls discuss their upcoming trip.

Jimi Latham: Hard Working Man (Instrumental)
Scene: Amber and Typhani shop at Army Navy store for the camping trip.

Sidnie TiptonSmoke and Mirrors
Scene: Chance and Morgan talk on the front porch.

The Kays: All the Girlz
Scene: The girls head out to the truck to go on their camping trip.

MeikoI’m in Love
Scene: Typhani and the veterans drive to the campgrounds.

Jen ArmstrongGirls Night Out
Scene: The girls are on their camping trip.

Clara LofaroDefinition of Cool
Scene: The girls are on their camping trip.

Sherry St. GermainHit the Road
Scene: Everyone packs up at the campsite; Amber is being lazy.

Audra MaeSmokin The Boys
Scene: The girls tie Amber’s tent to the truck while she is sleeping.

Julia MichaelsGetting Loud
Scene: The Redneck girls are working on a busy shift.

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