Music from Big Tips Texas: Episode 12

Big Tips Texas

Featured Artist: Julia Michaels 


Karma Valet – “Unstoppable”
Previously On / Krysten and Morgan argue before their shift starts

Kathryn Ostenberg  – “Feel Electrical”
Theme Song

Julia Michaels – “Born to Party”
Mimi and Macy shop for saddles & boots

Julia Michaels – “Hands Up Gonna Have a Good Time”
Amber meets a new boy, Alex, at the bar and is too nervous to flirt

Lauren Wright – “Act Like We’re Sixteen”
Mercedes and Jillian go over to Krysten’s house

Louis Yoelin  – “Movin’ On”
Amber and Alex having fun on their date

Priscilla Coffee – “All 4 Nothing”
Amber and Alex having fun on their date

The Heathers – “Don’t Bite Me”
Typhani cooks breakfast for her man, Tinker

Nik & Sam – “Bad”
Typhani picks Amber up at jail

Chauncey Jacks – “Come and Get It”
Mimi is running late for work


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