Music from Big Tips Texas, Episode 11

Big Tips Texas

Featured Artist: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Grace Potter And The Nocturnals GI

Kathryn Ostenberg - “Feel Electrical”

Bright Young Fires ft. Katie Cole - “First Time Today”
Morgan and Krysten want to have a craft night

Summer Abroad - “Freshly Painted Flowers”
Mimi explains all the nice things that Colton does for her

Hayley Steele - “A Matter of Time”
Chance apologizes to Morgan. He wants her back

Joey Sykes - “Love Grows”
Chance agrees to change. He and Morgan make up/get back together

Teesa - “Freak”
The girls are getting ready for their shift

Heavy Young Heathens - “The Gibson Girl”
Colton pitches to Mimi

Michelle Parish - “That’s When I Think of You”
Colton and Mimi make their relationship official

Roeland Ruijsch - “Body Double”
Morgan arrives at Krystan’s. Krystan is getting ready for the launch party.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - “Paris (Ooh La La)”
Krysten explains why Trey doesn’t want Chance to be at the launch party

Christina S. - “Dance My Life Away”
Krysten and Morgan fight about Trey and Chance

Analogue Revolution ft. Britt Savage - “My Boy 4 2 Nite”
Krysten’s launch party

Music Box - “Rowdy Howdy”
Amber is acting up at the launch party

Stefy Rae - “Bad Kitty”
Amber is drunk and gets kicked out of the launch party


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