Music from Awkward: Season 5B PREMIERE

Featured Artist: YNGCULT


Carousel – “My Type”
Jenna is back from college and talking on the phone

Beach Day – “I’m Just Messin’ Around”
Jenna’s first day at Ideabin

Graveyard Club – “The Night Is Mine”
Background music at Ideabin

The Ambient Light – “Golem”
Jenna is introduced to people at Ideabin

YNGCULT ft. Tribes – “Let’s Get It Back”
Jenna and Tamara hang out in Tamara’s room

YNGCULT ft. Tribes – “Piano Songs”
Tamara finds out about a party from Sadie

Misun – “After Me”
Jenna explains her story

Oh Snap It’s Luke! – “Let me Shine”
Jenna and Tamara go to a party at the country club

Skylar Spence – “Fiona Coyne”
Jenna talks to Tamara at the party

Sound Remedy ft. EVVY – “Victory”
Jenna gets into a fight with Matty at the party

Donora – “Finally Alive”
Jenna goes to Ideabin to get some work done

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