Music from Awkward: Season 5 Midseason Finale

Featured Artist: HAERTS


Hi-Fi Cali – “Got Me Fallin”
Perviously On

Young Guv – “Ripe 4 Luv”
Jenna and Matty walking into halway cafeteria together

Almighty Chief – “Alive”
Jenna and Matty go to senior breakfast

Way Way Okay! – “Kid”
Theo and Cole sabotage the slideshow

Holiday Friends – “Spirit Girl”
Jenna gives an inspiring speech

Easter Island – “Independence”
Jenna talks to Sadie about walking at graduation

Lifehouse – “Hurricane”
Sadie gives her valedictorian speech

Catcall – “The World is Ours”
Students get their diplomas

Wonderful Humans – “This Could Be It”
Next On

Act As If – “Uh Huh”
Jake and Tamara leave graduation

The Muscadettes – “I’m in Love”
Jenna and Matty go to the carnival

Drug Cabin – “One I Love”
Matty and Jenna do things on their to-do list

Jesse Thomas – “Magnetic Heart”
Jenna and Matty have a conversation about their relationship

Amy Stroup – “This Could Kill Me”
Jenna is saddened by her relationship with Matty

Secret Wonder – “How the Story Ends”
Val gives Jenna advice

HAERTS – “Be the One”
Jenna and Matty drive up to Berkeley

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