Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 9

Featured Artist: Emily Hearn


Danielle Parente – “Lil’ This Lil’ That”
Jenna and Tamara get their hair and makeup done for prom

The Mostly Ups – “Light It Up”
Jenna and Tamara get ready for prom

Brenda Xu – “We Die From It”
Sadie and her mom have an intense conversation

Heavynn – “Find Someone to Love”
Students have their prom pictures taken

Jaykay – “Superhero”
Jenna is sad that Matty left prom

The Triangles – “Dynamite”
Jake talks to girls at prom

Moving Parts – “Celebration of Life”
Students dance at prom

Miss V – “#Shakethispartyup!!!”
Students dance at prom cont.

The Triangles – “Dynamite”
Jenna and Tamara come out of the bathroom

TOPS – “Outside”
Tamara sees Adam

Finn de Siècle & Laura Jean – “I Do”
Tamara and Adam Dance

Emily Hearn – “Worth Fighting For”
Matty and Sadie go back to prom

COIN – “Run”
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