Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 7

Featured Artist: Gemma Hayes


Strange Talk – “Picking Up All The Pieces”
Previously On

Brandy Zdan – “More of a Man”
Jenna looks for an outfit to wear

Colleen Green – “Deeper Than Love”
Jenna imagines talking to Matty in the cafeteria

The Holy Coast – “Fight For”
Jenna and Lacey setup for the gender reveal party

Springtime Carnivore – “Collectors”
Lacey has a gender reveal party

Kid Sister – “Heartbreaker”
Jenna and Tamara fix the cake

Book On Tape Worm – “To Mock A Killingbird”
Jenna and Lacey make up

Indian Joy – “Nightly”
Jenna and Matty talk about colleges

Gemma Hayes – “Iona”
Lacey consoles Jenna

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