Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 4

Featured Artist: HAERTS


Hooded Fang – “Ghosts”
Jenna and her mom pick out outfits for the Mother Daughter Banquet

Colleen Green – “Whatever I Want”
Jenna walks down the hall and thinks about her mom’s yearbook

Generationals – “Black Lemon”
Tamara sees Adam in the parking lot, and Jenna and Matty exchange yearbooks

Donora – “Would You Be My Reason”
Tamara and Adam hang out in Tamara’s room

Monarchy – “It’s All I Know”
Lacey impersonates Jenna at the Mother Daughter Banquet

HAERTS – “Lights Out”
Matty and Jenna have a missed heart to heart moment

Strange Talk – “Morning Sun”
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