Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 3

Featured Artist: TOPS


Strange Talk – “Cast Away”
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Misun – “Harlot”
Jenna looks at pictures from the beach party

Emi Meyer – “On The Road”
Jenna talks to The Julies about going on a triple date

8th Grader – “You Deserve It All”
Matty is perplexed by how he’s being treated

Zachary Kibbee – “My Own Two Feet”
Matty is given a tour on how to survive as a loser

Alt-Ctrl-Sleep – “Satellites (Venus to Mars)”
Matty tries to apologize to Jake in the parking lot

TOPS – “Change of Heart”
Jenna’s mom helps her pick out an outfit

NUDITY – “Already Dead”
Jenna goes on a triple date with the Julies

Fences – “Dusty Beds”
Matty receives a call from Kyle inviting him to a concert

Leo Soul – “Under Your Spell”
Sextoy party at Lacey’s house

Mike Pace and the Child Actors – “Cold Calling”
Matty, Kyle and Leroy wait for the band to go on

Kwini Rene – “Gimme Love”
Sextoy party at Lacey’s house cont.

Sneakout – “Hold Me Baby”
The Julies scold Jenna during the triple date

Tropic of Pisces – “Symmetry (Lenno Remix)”
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