Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 24

Featured Artist: Angus & Julia Stone


Sucre – “My Time”
Jenna and Matty talk about Camp Pookah

Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact – “Tryin'”
Luke and Jenna hang out in their apartment

Dead Beach – “Moving Over Waves”
Matty meets up with Tamara and Lissa at Camp Pookah

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Step Brother City”
Matty and Lacey talk during the potato sack race

Katie Herzig – “Summer”
Jenna talks to Tamara and Matty talks to Jake at Camp Pookah

Wild – “Ghosts”
Tamra talks to Patrick

Jess Delgado – “Til the End of Time”
Jenna talks to Luke at Camp Pookah

Bodies – “Gravity”
Matty and Jenna talk in the janitor’s closet

Angus & Julia Stone – “All This Love”
Montage of everyone sitting around the campfire

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