Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 23

Featured Artist: Cub Sport


Seapony – “Saw the Light”
Luke brings Jenna to her interview

Cub Sport – “Paradise”
Jenna and Luke walk on campus after Jenna’s interview

Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact – “What Did You Think You’d Find”
Patrick meets Tamara in the parking lot of ideabin

Peter Silvo Band – “Long is the Night”
Luke and Jenna eat dinner

Dek Shuz – “Hurricane”
Jenna facetimes with Britta

Oslo Parks – “The Night”
Patrick meets Tamara at Ideabin

Navelin – “Daydream”
Jenna sends her application

PINS – “Too Little Too Late”
Sadie drives the food truck while being upset with her friends

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