Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 22

Featured Artist: Flor


Cayetana – “Favorite Things”
Luke gets in trouble at work

Flor – “Ocean”
Sadie brings coffee to Tamara

Alex Day – “Good Morning Sunshine”
Jenna enjoys being home

Kid Sister – “Houdini”
Tamara goes to work at the wedding

The Palms – “Headphones”
Jenna and Matty get frozen yogurt

Seapony – “Couldn’t Be”
Jenna and Matty talk while parked at a lookout

Brandy Zdan – “Only the Sad Song”
Adam helps Tamara set up the bedroom for the bride

Gemma Hayes – “Making My Way Back”
Matty and Jenna sit on the hood of Matty’s truck and talk

Frances Cone – “Wait Right Here”
Luke and Jenna talk

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