Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 21

Featured Artist: Saint Motel


Holiday Friends – “Sugar High”
Jenna and Luke hang out in their apartment

Solvey – “Redlight”
Tamara’s mother scolds her for having such a high amount of debt

Les Handclaps – “I’ll Always Think of You”
Jenna and Luke move

Black Casino and the Ghost – “Falling Into Pieces”
Lessa goes to Ideabin to talk to Ophelia

Saint Motel – “Ace in the Hole”
Matty and Sully study for Matty’s German test

Wonderful Humans – “Whiskey”
Jenna talks to Luke at Ideabin about the book party

Dek Shuz – “Felon Love”
Tamara tries to figure out how to get out of debt

Bora York – “Vibes”
Jenna and Luke have an argument about Luke going to the book party

Moving Parts – “Share the Blame”
Matty and Sulyl talk at the diner

Misun – “Battlefields”
Luke and Jenna walk into Ideabin

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