Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 17

Featured Artist: Saint Motel


Gavin Turek – “Can You Feel It”
Jenna and Tamara serve hotdogs at the country club

Jet Trash – “Tiger Room”
Matty and Sully say hello to Jenna and Tamara as they serve hotdogs

Irmo – “Like Glue”
Lissa talks to Jake about working at the country club

Danger Twins – “Here For The Party”
Sadie talks to Jenna about working at the country club

The Mostly Ups – “You Got to Give It Up”
Sully offers Jenna a drink

Callel – “Best Foot on the Ground
Jenna and Tamara talk about Matty and Sully

Summer Heart – “Thinkin Of U”
Tamara meets Patrick

The Talks – “Bring It Up”
Jenna meets Patrick

Saint Motel – “Midnight Movies”
Lissa tries to get Jake to hang out with her at the country club

Hi-Fi Cali – “One”
Jenna and Luke talk on the golf course at night

Moving Parts – “Indiana”
Tamara and Kyle hang out

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