Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 16

Featured Artist: Gal Pals


Wonderful Humans – “Just What I Needed”
Luke and Jenna arrive at Ideabin

Trace – “Away”
Luke and Jenna havea  a conversation about their relationship

Skating Polly – “Lily”
Jenna talks to Ophelia

Graveyard Club – “Into the Dark”
Tamara meets Jenna’s co-workers

Gal Pals – “Earthquake”
Everyone at Ideabin is crowed around Tamara’s desk

Iris – “Follow Me”
Ethan talks to Ideabin employees

Violents – “Unsettling”
Tamara asks Jenna to help her with her essay

Gal Pals – “Here’s to the Gals”
Jenna and Tamara hangout and work on Tamara’s essay

L’Anarchiste – “Nautilus”
Matty looks at pictures of Jenna online then calls her

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