Music from Awkward: Season 5, Episode 15

Featured Artist: Robert DeLong

RDL Awk 3

Pity Sex – “Smoke Screen”
Jenna is feeling like an outcast at Ideabin

27 – “The Way I Want To Feel”
Aly gets Jake to get her a Margarita at the country club

Nudity – “Rubicon”
Jenna talks to Luke about their relationship

The White Cherries – “Air”
Tamara and Jenna talk on the phone

Quake City Mobsters – “Dun Du Dun”
Jake, Lissa, Matty and Sully hangout by the pool after work

Robert DeLong – “Jealousy”
Jenna and Luke walk into the club as Robert DeLong performs

Robert DeLong – “In the Cards”
Robert DeLong performs

Robert DeLong – “Acid Rain”
Everyone hangs out and parties as Robert DeLong performs

Chris Arena ft. Marissa Braun – “Wildest Dreams”
Jenna and Luke talk at the diner after the club

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