Music From Awkward: Season 4 *Premiere*

Featured Artist: The Futures League


Babe Youth – “Bring It Back”
Matty and Jenna fantasy scene

Whistle Peak – “In a Boy On a Lake”
Jenna and her mom talk about the first day of senior year

The Midi Mafia – “Ayeyo”
Sadie pulls up to school in a new Mercedes

Gregory Alan Isakov ft. Julie Davis – “Running Home”
Jenna meets Matty by the bleachers

Lora Faye – “Judy Garland”
Eva walks up to the bleachers

Tangerine – “The Runner”
Jenna and Tamara talk about orgasms in the bathroom

Sweater Girls – “Pretty When You Smile”
The girls talk at lunch

Drowners – “Ways to Phrase a Rejection”
Jenna gets rejected from clubs

Secret Sun – “My Messenger”
Jenna decides to go to senior sleepover

The Futures League – “Give My Lovin’ A Try”
Senior sleepover

Hannibal Leq – “I Go”
Eva walks through the football field

Evan P Donohue – “She’s Mine, I’m Yours”
Eva asks to hang out with Jenna, Tamara, and Jake

The Ambient Light – “Everything Up Until Now”
Jenna and Matty talk while staring at the stars

Haley Bonar – “Candy Machine Gun”
Morning after senior sleepover

Cliffs – “Capsules”
Jenna has writer’s block

Boardwalk – “I’m Not Myself”
Jenna gets over her writers block

Our Lives – “Perfect Match”
Jenna wakes up and calls Tamara

Rinat Arinos – “Shine”
Tamara and her toothbrush

Joy Classic – “Blossom”
Jenna and her dad eat from the food truck

The Blues and Greys – “New Shores”
Jenna and Matty make a decision about their relationship

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