Music From Awkward: *Season 4 Finale*

Featured Artist: Wild Ones

wild ones_photo credit heather hawke

Diamond Bones – “Home Is Where”
Jenna wakes up and tries to call Luke

Cumulus – “Morning Coffee”
Eva and Matty wake up and Eva tells Matty she has something to tell him

Wild Ones – “Lion Heart”
Jenna and Sadie try to get in touch with Matty to tell him about Eva

Point Bloom – “Stay If You Like”
Val meets up with Will (Biggie) in the lodge

Great Pagans – “Slow Crash”
Ski patrol brings Jenna’s dad off the mountain

Point Bloom – “All Mine”
Val tells Will she was into the Biggie costume and not him

Helen Austin – “When We Were Young”
PHHS Students wake up and

SWIMM – “Tisk Tisk”
Luke breaks up with Jenna over the phone and Eva comes out of the bathroom with pregnancy test results

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