Music From Awkward: Season 4, Episode 7

Featured Artist: Echosmith


Amalie Bruun – “Sleepless”
Jenna and Luke make out in Jenna’s bedroom

The Darling Minds – “Keep Holding On to Me”
Jenna and Tamara talk in the hall

Nick Burke – “Malta”
The gang gets ready for a night out

Echosmith – Nothing’s Wrong
Jenna, Tamara, Sadie, Kyle, Eva, and Matty drive to the Echosmith show

ISAAK – “Crawl”
Jenna, Tamara, Sadie, Kyle, Eva, and Matty go to a tattoo parlor to get fake IDs

Heavy Young Heathens – “Double Indemnity”
Eva talks to Jenna and Matty about getting tattoos removed

Joy Classic – “Ya Change”
Jake lies in bed and sends a text to Autumn

Puke Bros. – “Vulture King”
Jenna says in a voice over that she still has feelings for Matty

Groenland – “Immune”
Kyle and Sadie have an important conversation

Zomes – “Cave Mountain Stream”
Jenna has a falling out with Matty

Echosmith – “Come Together”
Eva goes to call a sober driver for Jake

Ourlives – “Blurry Eyes”
Jenna, Tamara, and Sadie drive home while Jake and Matty get into some trouble


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