Music From Awkward: Season 4, Episode 6

Featured Artist: Echosmith


Echosmith – “Let’s Love”
Jenna and Luke hang out in Luke’s bedroom

Imperial Mammoth – “Mooncatcher”
Jake is in his room, talking to whom he believes to be Autumn San Diego

Matt Pond – “Love to Get Used”
Tamara and Jenna talk about Tamara’s catfishing

Lucy Love – “We Are the Stars”
Val tries to teach the boys how to dance for the Mr. PHHS contest

Boom! Bap! Pow! – “Suit”
Kyle paints at the Mr. PHHS competition

Jake Rosati – “Autumn” (free download)
Jake plays at the Mr. PHHS competition

Mree – “Break My Heart”
Matty brings Jenna up on stage, humiliates her, and vents his frustrations about being adopted

Alice and the Glass Lake – “Luminous”
Luke meets Jenna outside of the Mr. PHHS competition to cheer her up

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