Music From Awkward: Season 4, Episode 5

Featured Artist: Classixx


Fialta – “Sleepy Time”
Jenna’s parents bring Jenna and Tamara to look at her dad’s alma mater

Sures – “Poseidon”
A jot guy invites Jenna’s mom to a college party

Unwed Teenage Mothers – “Whose Girl Are You?”
Matty and Jake pull up to school in Jake’s car

Aaron Paul Nelson – “2Nite We Gonna Live it Up”
Jenna is forced to do “Edward 40 Hands”

Classixx ft. Nancy Whang – “All You’re Waiting For”
Jenna doing “Edward 40 Hands”

Wildcat Strike – “Billy Crystal”
Jenna goes to a laidback college book reading party

LadyStation – “Do It Cos It Feels Good”
Jenna runs into Lacy at the party

Wool on Wolves – “Thick as Thieves”
Jenna talks to Luke at a book reading party

Jon Pakfar  – “Bacardi Jam”
Tamara marks her arm for each drink she has at the party

Folly and the Hunter – “Mask”
Matty and Sadie go to bed in Matty’s room

Ocean City Defenders – “Unlimited Evenings & Weeknds”
Jenna and Tamara leave the college with Jenna’s parents


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