Music From Awkward: Season 4, Episode 4

Featured Artist: Junior Prom

junior prom

Blondfire – “Walking with Giants”
Jenna and Tamara talk about Eva while decorating the senior hallway

 Rokhsan – “Gold”
The Seniors and Sophomores compete in a chubby bunny contest

Jay Deasel & Normie Smith – “Melts in Your Mouth”
Sophomore sluts introduction

Sami.the.great – “Acrobat”
Jenna asks Matty if he’s ok; he walks away with Mackenzie

Dice Raw ft. Mike Taylor – “Sha Bang Bang”
The Sophomores dance in their jungle-themed hallway while Val judges the contest

Soldout – “94”
Tamara stays up late catfishing Jake

Decatur Redd – “Turn Up”
The Sophomores enter the powder puff football game

Junior Prom – “Big Timer”
The Seniors vs. Sophomores in the powder puff game

The Launderettes – “Can’t Bring Me Down”
Jake and Matty move from sitting on the senior sideline to sitting on the sophomore sideline

SpeakerHedz – “Falling Fast”
The Sophomores celebrate a touchdown

The Shinning Twins – “I Hate You”
The Senior and Sophomore girls fight on the football field

Lauryn Vyce – “Loose”
Matty and Jake party with the sophomore sluts; Matty wrecks his car

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