Music From Awkward: Season 4, Episode 20

Featured Artist: BESTiE


BESTiE – “Sriracha”
Jenna and Lacey walk into the vacation house

Calling All Cars – “Running On the Sun”
The crew hangs out on the beach

Def Conz – “Cold Cooler Kids”
Lisa dances and Tyler arrives

Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden – “Best Friends’ Love”
Jenna and Matty get ready to go to San Diego

Cisa & Drooid – “Be Free”
Val and Aly are hungover

Jake Rizotti – “A Sketch”
Jake and Tamara show the video for “A Sketch” to everyone

Kairos  – “Casanova”
Jenna tries to talk to Matty about his trip to San Diego

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