Music From Awkward: Season 4, Episode 2

Featured Artist: Echosmith


Echosmith – “Cool Kids”
Jenna and Tamara eat lunch at school

Jake Rosati – “My Way To You” (click for free download)
Jake makes a music video

The Breakups – “Better Off Alone”
Montage of Jenna peer counseling students

Casey K. – “I’ll Find A Way”
Jenna talks to Sadie in the janitor’s closet after her trip to the dentist

Hillary Hand – “Domino”
Jenna talks to Eva about the text she received from Matty

Alaskan Summer – “If You Fall Asleep”
Tamara and Jake sit in Jake’s car and talk

Communist Daughter – “Soundtrack to the End”
Jake breaks up with Tamara

Marie Hines – “Always Been You”
Lissa and Sadie reconsile

OurLives  – “Heart”
Matty tells Jenna that he is adopted

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