Music From Awkward: Season 4, Episode 18

Featured Artist: Magic Man


Corisca Arts Club – “California I Follow”
Jenna talks to her mom in the kitchen

Magic Man – “Paris”
Jenna finds a “big” envelope from Lockard University sitting on the counter

Kyven – “Fight for Your Love”
Sadie and Tamara sneek into the strip club

Jesse No – “Double Bubble”
Opening scene: A girl dances at the strip club

Lizi Kay – “Do You Like What You See”
Tamara and Sadie dance

FMLYBND – “Electricity”
Everyone waits for Matty to come to the surprise party

Rami Jrade – “Criminal Minded”
Jenna and Gabby talk before the surprise party

FURS – “Why Don’t You Smile”
Matty arrives at this surprise birthday party

Broken Twin – “Glimpse of A Time”
Lacey sits outside Jenna’s door trying to get her to let her in

Cajsa Siik – “Cold and Clear”
Jenna and Matty drink in Jenna’s room

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